Our mission

Within and beyond our schools, the humanities are on the decline, as if subjects like philosophy, literature, and history were no longer relevant or compelling today.

At Hum School, we see things very differently. Our core belief is that the humanities are more important today than ever.

In the face of overlapping crises and injustices — rising temperatures and vanishing species, conspiracy culture and misinformation, increasing racial and political animosity, peoples left without country or home — we need more thinking and feeling, more tolerance and empathy, more capacity to respond.

We need more humanity.

The humanities — the re-humanizing pursuits — are invaluable for understanding, questioning, and transforming ourselves and the world. They provide unique opportunities for reflection, adventure, and connection, and nurture creativity and insight for grappling with the challenges of our time. They are a powerful way to acknowledge and reaffirm the dignity of all human and living beings. And, just as importantly, they are a joy to study, especially with others.

The best humanities experiences occur when students come together for a discussion guided by an inspiring teacher. That is why we design online seminars with the same potential for community and intellectual engagement of in-person courses. We are highly experienced university educators, now bringing the seminar format beyond the Ivory Tower.

Our mission is to offer inspiring humanities courses. For everyone. For our time.

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